'This Room & You'

by My Only

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I feel the cold in your eyes cut me into little pieces. I relive the hell I built here every day. Couldn't believe you'd seen the worst of me (this time). Never admitting that I'll ever be delicate again. I stumble on every hollow word I fell for. How my heart breaks as I fall gently to the floor. And I die a little (less) each day. There's nothing you could say to me to take this guilt away. You said I could never desecrate all that I felt for you. But now and forever, me and the better situation, it takes a hold. Yet I'm cold somehow. I stumble on every hollow word I fell for. Hold your head against mine, I'm slumped here on the floor. And I died for the every night without you. My battered heart breaks a little (less) than before. Tonight I'm drowning in your eyes. The tide leaves, swim with me. It's tonight that I drowned in your eyes. My heart broke when I chose not to stay. Ever since you let me back in, I die a little (less) each day.
Vacant stare down at the shell of me, that's now been laid bare. Oh integrity, how could you leave me and why should I care? My breath: burning a hole in my chest again. If you remember me, I don't care if everyone else forgets. I still feel the look that you gave me (but you saved me), and the cold crept in just like you said. I had to pay for every breath that I took. But nevertheless, I'm still breathing. Nevertheless, breathless and beating in my chest. You're all that I'm not, it's never enough to me (I'm so sorry). It's all that I've got and we're never apart now you've left me. Lay down beside me or I'd be lost. In your eyes I stayed a while. I said all I wanted that day. Oh dear love of mine, we've come so far. And I had no reason, And I had no time. Tell me how to feel. Tell me am I alive. I had to pay for every breath that I took. And I see through your words that day. Had I looked back down at the shell of me and I'd be lost.
Saboteur 02:57
Those black eyes have a blacker heart, still. False love of mine; never to blame. It hasn't always been this way. I tried so hard for your pittance. I spit and I choke as you calmly wrote; "It doesn't have to be this way". The finishing line, my love of mine. You scrap and you fight as I calmly write; "You made it this way".
I lie awake barely breathing, silent as you softly dream. We've had me thinking for a while now. Would it be best if I leave? There's not a welcome I haven't outstayed. "Unrelenting love." And I haven't slept in days. Not a single shred of warning as I fell so far from your grasp. And come the morning, I'm not sure if I can last. I've been wandering the halls in the lamplight. I've got a hold on my outcries. We've been splitting at the seams. I can't believe I never tell you how we meant so much to me. You fill the air with words, for we couldn't stand the silence. So surreal how we unraveled. We're ever so loosely tied. Could you feel me dying (away)? "Leave me." Believe that I tried. This room has seen me in my true light, and you have not yet seen me in mine. Make me what you want me to feel. So blue, so ethereal. I've got a hold on my outcries. No longer splitting at the seams. I'll be sure to always tell you how we mean so much to me.


released September 2, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House.
Mastered by Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds.


all rights reserved



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